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Test cricket is the longest form of the sport of cricket. It has long been considered the ultimate test of playing ability between cricketing nations. It remains the most prestigious form of the game, although the comparatively new One Day International and Twenty20 formats are now more popular amongst some audiences. The name "Test" may have arisen from the idea that the matches are a "test of strength and competency" between the sides involved. It seems to have been used first to describe an English team that toured Australia in 186162, although those matches are not considered Test matches today. The first officially recognized Test match commenced on the 15 March 1877, contested by England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia won by 45 runs.


The map below shows the locations of teams in the International cricket teams. The centre point for each team is the stadium or main building. You can click on a logo for more information and a link to the individual area. You can grab the KML for the map from the link below.
Google Maps/Earth KML

If you want to use any shirt logos please let me know and acknowledge that they came from CricketTweets. I have painstakingly created these and would just appreciate a thank you.